Prism Concert


The term "Prism" is symbolic of what happens when a single ray of light hits a glass prism and reflects in multiple beautiful individual color bands.

While we often see a group of student musicians and dancers perform, the Prism Concert is an opportunity to enjoy small groups and individual presentations of music and dance. Many of our student acts contain festive themes and comedy, making the night especially fun and entertaining, and will certainly fill you with the holiday spirit.


The shows' Grand Finale of the full Chorus followed by the Drum Line and the entire Marching Sharks Band traditionally brings the entire audience to their feet, clapping and smiling!


The Prism Concert is Sebastian River High School Music Department's largest fundraising event of the year. The two hour concert showcases the talents of the Concert Bands, Jazz Band, the Flag and Dance Line and the SRHS Choral Program. The Prism Concert is traditionally held the first couple of weeks of December.

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